History of the Kajukenbo System

“Train Strong to remain strong”

About Kajukenbo:

The word KaJuKenBo is derived from the letters for the styles that contributed to the creation of the art. Together they make up the Kajukenbo Motto: Through this fist art one gains long life and happiness.

 Kajukenbo self-defense techniques are best known for its rapid and fluid sequence of hand and feet strikes as well as the joint holds and locks.  Each combinations are designed so that each technique builds up the next by following the opponent's reaction to the previous technique.  Kajukenbo takes a number of its self-defense techniques from it's katas or forms.  Although the katas or forms provide the Kajukenbo stylist with many good techniques, Kajukenbo's strength lies in its self-defense techniques. These self defense techniques are arranged and categorized into grab arts, punch counters, knife counters, club counters, two, three and four man attack counters, and advanced alphabet techniques.


History Of Kajukenbo:

Kajukenbo is a martial art style that combines the techniques of Karate, Judo and Jujitsu, Kenpo and Boxing.  It was created from the styles of five men who developed an art that would be effective in street self-defense.  In 1947, in the Palama Settlement of Hawaii these five men martial artists got together and formed a pact.  They developed the ideal fighting art, one that would make them invincible in the toughest streets of Hawaii.  These five men were Frank Ordonez, P.Y.Y. Choo, Joe Holck, Clarence Chang and Adriano Emperado.  This organization became known as the notorious Black Belt Society. 


Strong in Spirit, Clean in mind, and Healthy in Body is what makes Kajukenbo truly unique and efficient.


 KA - "Karate" (Long Life)

This comes from the word Karate. An art form that emphasized on hard and powerful techniques. The karate influence was from Tang Soo Do brought by P.Y.Y. Choo.

JU - "Judo/Jiu-Jitsu" (Happiness)

This comes from Judo and Jujitsu. Art forms that emphasize grappling, throws, locks and sweeps. The judo and jujitsu influence was from Kodenkan Danzan Ryu brought by Joe Holck and Se Keino Ryu brought by Frank Ordonez.

KEN - "Kenpo" (Fist)

This comes from Kenpo. An art form of karate that emphasizes multiple and fluid hand techniques through hard and powerful movements. The kenpo influence was from Kosho Shorei Kenpo brought by Adriano Emperado.

BO - "Boxing" (Style)

This comes from Chinese and American boxing. The art of Chinese boxing (Kung Fu), emphasizes on flexibility and agility parrying and evasive movements that flow together. The Chinese boxing influence was from Northern and Southern Sil-lum styles brought by Clarence Chang.