Paphavasit Kajukenbo Self-Defense School in Sacramento California

At Kajukenbo Sacramento we provide our students with the highest quality of martial arts and self-defense instruction.

Our school focuses on improving flexibility, agility, coordination and physical conditioning.

We combine great physical workout with self-defense techniques and movements which are ideal for many people.

Students also learn to develop and express proper attitude, discipline, honor, obedience, confidence, motor coordination and have fun doing it.

Our program offers everyone a great way to relieve tension and stress, stay in shape and learn effective valuable self-defense skills at the same time.


We want every student’s experience with us to be an enjoyable martial art experience they will always remember.



“Our goal is to promote better health and improve physical conditioning”

Through our martial arts training program you will improve your balance, flexibility, coordination, motor skills, strength, speed, timing and your reflexes.  Our training has an aerobic effect to help improve your cardiovascular system. You also burn calories and lose weight.  When you are in better health and begin enhancing your physical abilities, you will not only feel good during your training but also in all your daily activities.  You will look and feel better.  And most of all you will have a lot more energy doing the things you love to do.


“Our goal is to train individuals using effective and practical self-defense”

Our goal is to share the knowledge of this diverse system of self-defense in a way that is natural and practical.  The movements are easy to learn which allows every individual of different age groups, male or female, to be able to protect and defend themselves against one or multiple attackers.


“Our goal is to encourage individuals to develop a stronger Mind, Body, Spirit”

Each student has different levels of skills and abilities.  Through positive support and encouragement, we will be able to help each student develop these skills and abilities.  We also guide our students in establishing and achieving their personal goals.  Students learn to set realistic goals and give it their best to succeed.  Doing this helps students become more disciplined, focused and motivated.  With a positive attitude, students will have the confidence to make good decisions and strive to reach their full potential.

Curriculum  Components:

Pinan or Palama Set Forms
Punch Counters
Grab Arts
Weapon Defense
Multiple attacker defense
Alphabet Techniques

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